Hi all,

Welcome to my new blog. My old one, located as part of my portfolio at my old site, was getting a bit tedious in its limitations, so I decided when revamping my portfolio to create a separate blog to explain the process behind my artwork, as well as whatever ideas helped them into being.

The name for the blog I derived from a quote from the famed palaeontologist E. D. Cope’s Evolution and Idealism, where he uses this term to describe the scientist, or more accurately, the palaeontologist. With Sharpe being my surname, I created the title for this blog, The Bone Sharpe.

My first post, which will come out this weekend, will detail my process in creating the banner for this site, starring a small group of Plesiohadros djadokhtaensis being confronted by an inquisitive Velociraptor mongoliensis.

Until then, goodbye.

Henry Sharpe


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